I Think, Therefore I Play Poker

Most online poker players start playing only to lose their deposit. In fact a lot of players lose their deposit many times before they start – think. That’s right. The players who have lost their money to the sting of their poor play show painfully. “Wow, I lost that much in a month?” This is a common question losers ask themselves.

Notice the title? Winning poker players actually think a lot about their game, away from the table. But it’s not a play-lose-play, it’s a think-play-think for winning players. Thinking about your game I mean several things now situs casino.

Reading poker books. There is no shortage of material to read about poker, most Texas hold’em poker. This is a rare winning player that has really picked up and read at least several poker books. I started my first poker website because my wife said I was reading them so much, I might as well write them for some reviews.

Watching other players play. These players do not have the pros either. There are plenty of good, profitable online players where you can watch them play online. Observe an entire session of their play. Think about why they do things, what they may have, and what they might think about their opponents.

Reviewing your own hands through software or forums. Either way you can get some excellent feedback. Reviewing your own hands, rather than playing a mental exercise tantamount in sports before practicing. If we are in fact playing a skill game, then that lends itself to practicing that skill. If the pros do it, then so can you.

Poker video training and television. Watching TV poker has never been more beneficial, because not only can the actual game be educational, but so can the hosts as they help you with some strategic thinking, since they are very likely skilled players. Also, the mass of poker videos online – even the free content on YouTube can help your game dramatically. Much of the content is from real players with real hands and real money. Immediately, the ability to replay so much poker content instantly, expedite the transition from new players to learning newbie.

All good poker players think and grow, away from the game. There are many times I find a few hand sticks in my head for days. Other times, I will review and comment on others for a poker forum. Here are just a few recent aspects of my game.

Bet sizing. Someone in my own poker forum pointed out my pre-flop raising was too high. I read, observed, agreed, and then adjusted.

Turbo tournaments. These games are profitable, so now I’m playing more turbo tournaments.

Bankroll management. How bankroll management should include training and books (or other) as part of your budget for becoming a profitable player.

Those are just a few, because realistically there is something to learn in almost every hand history file, not just yours but other forum contributors as well. Anyway, those are just some of the ways I think about poker.

Marty Smith has a free poker video tutorial.

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